ICON-S Italy Conference, ‘The Future of the State’

16-17 September 2022

Prof. Giusella Finocchiaro will speak at the Annual Conference of ICON-S Italia, the Italian section of the International Society of Public Law, which this year is being organised at the Alma Mater, University of Bologna.

The title of the Conference is “The Future of the State” and the Professor will give a speech on the topic of “Digital Sovereignty” during the 1st Plenary Session of the event, which will be chaired by Prof. Avv. Paola Severino, LUISS University.
Prof. Finocchiaro will be joined by the jurist and academic Prof. Sabino Cassese, Pres. Gian Carlo Blangiardo, ISTAT, and Prof. Andrea Morrone, Alma Mater, who will give the concluding plenary greetings.

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